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The Orange Community Renewable Energy Park (OCREP) is a 5 MW solar installation featuring 5 MWh battery storage technology and solar tracking mechanisms. The OCREP is the largest crowd funded PV project with solar batteries in Australia and is being developed at 643 Mitchell Highway, Orange NSW. Construction is planned to commence in 2022.

Co-operative Share Parcels

What does my investment look like if I purchase parcel?

0.5 kW Solar Generation

0.5 kWh Battery Storage

Lifetime dividends up to $2,900

12,140 kg Carbon Offset


The average payback is estimated at up to 8.6 years, providing a return on investment of 8 – 12%*. Anyone within Australia can invest in the OCREP, including households, small businesses, and investors for Self-managed Super Funds. To invest in the OCREP, you must first become a member of the Central West NSW Co-operative.

How does this work?

The ED Central West NSW Renewable Energy Co-operative has an opportunity to purchase up to 44% of the Orange Community Renewable Energy Park (OCREP). In order to secure the maximum possible community ownership, the co-op must raise around $4.58M to pay for its share before the park is commissioned towards the end of 2021. This project has received a $3.5M grant from the New South Wales Government’s Regional Community Energy Fund.

The electricity generated in the park is fed into the National Grid. Excess generation is also used to recharge the battery for later usage, or for solar energy to be sold when electricity prices are highest. You have the satisfaction of knowing you’ve contributed to reducing carbon emissions each year for the life of the park.

Solar farm drone image.

* Please read the Disclosure Statement. No application for relief under section 741 of the Corporations Act 2001 (Cth) will be sought by the Energy Democracy Central West NSW Co-operative Limited (‘the Co-operative’) in relation to any statement made in this document as the Chapter 6D disclosure provisions do not apply to members’ shares in the Co-operative.